Marlina, omicida in quattro atti

Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts

by Mouly Surya

In the deserted hills of an Indonesian island, Marlina, a young widow, is attacked and robbed for her cattle. To defend herself, she kills several men of the gang. Seeking justice, she goes on a journey for empowerment and redemption. But the road is long especially when the ghost of her headless victim begins to haunt her.

Mouly Surya pioneers a new genre, creating a surprising feminist western carried in the vast landscapes of rural Indonesia and dominated by the strong figure of the protagonist, capable of rebellion against the brutality of male universe.

Avec le soutien du Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée et du programme Europe Créative – MEDIA 

Country: Indonesia, France, Malaysia, Thailand
Year: 2017
Running time: 93'
Genre: fiction
Screenplay: Mouly Surya, Rama Adi. Soggetto: Garin Nugroho
Cinematography: Yunus Pasolang
Editing: Kelvin Nugroho
Music: Zeke Khaseli, Yudhi Arfani
With: Marsha Timothy, Dea Panendra, Egi Fedly, Yoga Pratama, Rita Matu Mona, Yayu Unru, Anggun Priambodo, Ayez Kassar, Safira Ahmad, Indra Birowo, Ozzol Ramdan, Haydar Salishz, Norman R. Akyuwen.
Produced by: Cinesurya

Festival: Cannes 2017, Selezione Quinzaine des Réalisateurs
Valletta Film Festival 2017
Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival 2017

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