Acquacollage n°1

by Francesco Scarponi

A vast, invisible network is built by men to channel, distribute and make water available. A visionary voyage about water, its relationship with life, with the Earth and with mankind. 


Country: Italia
Year: 2016
Running time: 8'
Format: HD
Language: No spoken dialogue
Genre: fiction
Screenplay: Francesco Scarponi, Sergio Visinoni, Andrea Zanoli
Editing: Francesco Scarponi
Music: Dudù Kouate
Produced by: Lab 80 film

Festival: Supertoon International Animation Festival 2017 (Croatia)
Sembrando Cine Environmental Festival 2017
Cine Eco 2017 (Portugal) / International Competition
Barcelona International Environmental Film Festival (FICMA) 2017 - Petit Ficma Section
Green Screen - The Environmental Film Festival 2017
Visioni Italiane 2018 - Visioni acquatiche
World Water Forum 2018 - Water Short Film Show, Portugal Pavillon

Realizzato con il finanziamento di Uniacque