by Luca Ferri

Abacuc is a man of nearly 200 kilos who spends his days in a sort of indifferent immobility, in the absence of any kind of emotion. He hangs out at graveyards, thematic "Italy in miniature" parks or near utopic architectures. He lives in a railroad inspector's house and he never speaks. The only voice we hear is a feminine voice-over. Abacuc, pulled out from his catastrophic solitude, picked up the unplugged phone, but the woman disguises herself and expresses herself through literary quotations. This will end up being a cul de sac, as Abacuc's existence itself, because she is actually his Doppelgänger. He lives inside rigorous structures and his existence is a sort of stuck symphony. Abacuc is a puppet with no audience, he acts the last possible pièce. Having survived the catastrophy, he is constantly living escaping from the Nothing. Abacuc stands for the need of the cinematographic art to die out and implode in itself. The film is shot on Super 8, the soundtrack is by Maestro Dario Agazzi.

Country: Italy
Year: 2014
Running time: 83'
Format: DCP, Blu-ray
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English, Italian
Genre: fiction
Screenplay: Luca Ferri
Cinematography: Giulia Vallicelli
Editing: Alberto Valtellina
Music: Dario Agazzi
Produced by: Angelo Signorelli, Sergio Visinoni, Andrea Zanoli

Festival: Torino Film Festival 2014, Sezione Onde
Festival Internacional De Cine De Mar Del Plata, Sezione Italia Alterada 7½
Filmmaker Festival Milano, Sezione Prospettive
8 1/2 Festa do Cinema Italiano 2015 a Lisbona
Catania Film Fest 2015; flEXiff 2002 – 2022, Sidney (Australia); Laceno d'oro (Avellino).

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