Lo stretto indispensabile

by Sergio Visinoni

From the age of 4, following a car accident, Eya moves on a wheelchair, which she drives with great dexterity thanks to a joystick that she controls with her lips and chin. The story of her and her parents is characterized by constant leaps beyond the horizon of possibilities. Today Eya is almost 17, she is a smart and tenacious girl and like many of her peers she must begin to confront important questions: who am I? How do others see me? What direction should I take for my future?

Country: Italy
Year: 2022
Running time: 12’
Genre: fiction
Screenplay: Sergio Visinoni, Martina Fiorellino
Music: Shinya Fukumori
With: le voci di Eya Grantaliano, Stefano Grantaliano, Lidia Piattini
Soggetto: Martina Fiorellino
Animazioni: Francesco Scarponi
Montaggio del suono: Stefano P. Testa
Sound design e Mix: Nicola Gualandris

Produced by: Lab 80 film in coproduzione con Premium Films