by Lorenzo De Nicola

The finding of an autobiographical manuscript written by Giovanni Pastrone, the most relevant figure of Italian Silent film, prompts a researcher to reopen the historically closed case on the director.

After having dominated the early phases of Cinema, Giovanni Pastrone abandons his creature to become a self-taught healer, devoting the rest of his life to Man’s antagonistic struggle against Death.

This documentary sheds a complete new light over an emblematic exponent of the 20th century and the stunning story of his only tragic failure.


About the director(s)

Lorenzo De Nicola has made short films, documentaries, video music clips and some advertisements. At the same time he worked as assistant director for film and television, with directors such as Ricky Tognazzi, Timur Bekmambetov, Kinka Usher, Marco Turco, Alessandro Comodin, Colin Teague, Vince Squibb. His studio on Pastrone began in 2000 when he first tackled the director’s biography.
Country: Italy
Year: 2019
Running time: 90'
Format: 4k-HD
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English
Genre: documentary
Screenplay: Lorenzo De Nicola
Cinematography: Davide Marcone
Editing: Davide Neglia
Music: Davide Tomat, Federico Bisozzi
With: Fabrizio Bentivoglio
Produced by: Hedy Krissane per Clean Film, Andrea Zanoli per Lab 80 film
Distribution: Lab 80 film

Festival: Rome Independent Film Festival: Best Italian documentary;
Asti Film Festival: Premio Pastrone;
Buenos Aires international Film Festival;
Selezionato ai Nastri D'argento 2020 (sezione Cinema, Spettacolo, Cultura);
Lucca Film Festival;
Los Angeles Italia – Film, Fashion and Art Festival;
Bergamo Film Meeting;
Eurovision Palermo Film Festival: Best documentary;
Lecce Film Festival;