Le terre alte

The High Lands

by Andrea Zambelli, Andrea Zanoli


A year of life in the Alps, from the thaw to the winter, through the eyes, the gestures and the reflections of three characters: Virginie, Valentine and Marcel. Far from the stereotype of the "mountain man", the characters we will follow are an expression of a contemporary, resistant and sometimes innovative way to live and work in the Alpine area. A "come back" to a rural life style, is for them, a political and spiritual choice at the same time.

Country: Italy
Year: 2020
Running time: 87'
Format: HD
Language: French, Italian, German
Subtitles: English - Italian
Genre: documentary
Cinematography: Andrea zambelli, Andrea Zanoli
Editing: Stefano P. Testa, Luca Gasparini
Music: Daniele Di Fini
Produced by: Andrea Zanoli per Lab 80 film, AESS- Regione Lombardia

Festival: 27 Festival della Lessinia, MAFF | Matsalu Nature Film Festival, International Nature and Environment Festival, Festival di Vicenza e la Montagna 2021, Il grande sentiero 2021, Le Printemps des chèvres 2022, Cinema e ambiente Avezzano 2022
Fra Terra e Cielo 2023, Bloom, Mezzago