Gods of Mexico

Gods of Mexico

by Helmut Dosantos

It follows the resistance to modernization in rural Mexico. It is a reminder that it is still possible to live in tune with our essence as human beings.
A survey of rural Mexico composed into an extraordinary collage of labor practices and vast landscapes, Gods of Mexico portrays the rich diversity of several communities of Native Peoples and Afro-descendants throughout the country. It is both a testament to the human being and a tribute to those who fight to preserve their cultural identity. The viewer explores a "Lost Atlantis" in which unlimited possibilities of existence continue to resist in the shadows of modernization.


— Dosantos transports audiences through salt pans, deserts, highlands, jungle, and underground mines, in both richly saturated color and black-and-white melodic interludes. VARIETY — The requisite problematic film, Gods of Mexico, whose spectacular tableaux of Indigenous people feel inextricable from century-old traditions of ethnographic gazes. ARTFORUM — Dioses de México, la importancia de preservar la memoria. IMCINE — This documentary speaks to the fascinating nature of the human experience. VOX — Una cinta impresionante que deja claro que los Dioses de México son tradición y costumbres, son alma y espíritu, y sobre todo, un legado invaluable. BOGART MAGAZINE
Country: Mexico, USA
Year: 2022
Running time: 96'
Format: 4k-HD, DCP
Language: Italiano
Subtitles: Italian
Genre: documentary
Screenplay: Helmut Dosantos
Cinematography: Diego Rodriguez García, Ernesto Pardo, Fernando Muñoz, François Pesant, Helmut Dosantos, Kacper Czubak, Martín Boege, Peter Eliot Buntaine
Editing: Yibran Asuad, Helmut Dosantos
Music: Enrico Ascoli
Produced by: Fulgura Frango, Narvalus Film
Distribution: Lab 80 film con la partecipazione di FIC - Federazione Italiana Cineforum

Festival: Depth of Field Artistic Vision Award (DOCAVIV, 2022); Grand Prix Best Film (Pacific Meridian Film Festival, 2022); Best Sound Design (Tacoma Film Festival, 2022); Honorable Mention (DokuBaku, 2022); Special Jury Prize (Caracas Ibero-American Film Festival, 2023)
Special Mention Documentary (Avanca Film Festival, 2023); Mexican Academy Award - Ariel d’Argento al Miglior Documentario (Premios Ariel, 2023).

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