Star Stuff

Star Stuff

by Milad Tangshir

A journey to three astronomical observatories situated in three remote corners of the planet (Chile, Canary Islands, South Africa) in search for our place in the cosmos. Exploring the night sky with astronomers operating those giant telescopes in order to uncover their personal revelations and to realize that we all share a dot in the cosmic ocean.
Nearby the observatories, astonishing humans live in remote villages. The film penetrates into their daily life and explores their dreams and passions. Three places so distant to one another, but inhabited by humans who share the same vulnerability and longing for life.

Direction's statements

In a time ridden by endless bloody conflicts, we need to step back and acknowledge that we're all together in this journey on a mote of dust, floating in infinite darkness. Fanatical ethnic, religious or national chauvinism are difficult to support when we see our planet as a tiny dot, lost in the vast ocean of space and time. It's been too long now, that the cosmic perspective is absent in our daily life. Star Stuff is a journey to rediscover this cosmic perspective, it's an attempt to wake up our slumbering planetary consciousness.

About the director(s)

Milad Tangshir was born in 1983 in Tehran, Iran. He worked for 8 years as a musician for the Iranian rock band Ahoora, releasing three albums. In 2011, he moved to Italy and started his studies in Cinema at Turin University. Since 2012, he has made shorts films and video essays which have had numerous screening at film festivals and have received many awards. In 2019 he directed VR Free, a virtual reality film which premiered at 76° Venice Film Festival. Star Stuff is his first feature documentary, produced by Davide Ferrario.
Country: Italy
Year: 2019
Running time: 87'
Format: 4k-HD
Language: Italian, Spanish, English
Subtitles: English - Italian
Genre: documentary
Screenplay: Milad Tangshir
Cinematography: Andrea zambelli, Andrea Zanoli
Editing: Claudio Cormio
With: Gaspar Galaz Emilio Molinari Sivuyile Manxoyi Willem Prins Joan Rodriguez Rodriguez Miguel Martin Gonzelz Fransiena Onke David Barrera Magdalena Blauun Fernando Salgado Betty Anza
Produced by: Davide Ferrario e Francesca Bocca per Rossofuoco
Distribution: Lab 80 film

Festival: 37 Torino Film Festival; Glocal Film Festival; Sole Luna Festival; Bergamo Film Meeting; Il Grande Sentiero Estate;