Al tishkechi oti (Don't Forget Me)

Don't Forget Me

by Ram Nehari

Tom, who suffers from an eating disorder and is recovered in a clinic, has gotten her menstrual cycle back. When the doctor tells her it’s a good sign because it means her condition is improving, she panics: the idea of gaining back the kilos she lost scares her to death. It seems like a day to forget but when she meets Neil, a tuba player with socialization problems, everything changes: the two feel a strong connection that is sealed by their shared desire to escape everything which is considered socially acceptable.

Direction's statements

“I tend towards eccentric rom-coms, though I detest romance and am a terrible cynic. For many years i mentored and directed short films made by mentally ill people. Don’t Forget Me is based on these experiences and encompasses all of my obsessions; the things that bother me, and the things that make me laugh. It’s important that this film be funny. Making people laugh is my battle for self-respect; making them cry is begging for pity.” 

-Ram Nehari-

About the director(s)

Ram Nehari is one of the leading TV series director, script editor and co-writer in Israel. Graduated of the Faculty of Film and Television at Tel Aviv University. Among his TV series: "Love Hurts" (2003) winner of two Israeli Television Academy Awards, and Haifa Festival (2004); "Ima'le" (2006), winner of five Israeli Television Academy Awards, including for Best Director; "Mekimi" (2013), which was sold to distribution in France, participated in Series Mania, and Input Helsinki. Filmography: One Out of Three (short 1998), Kochav Zore’ach Me’al HaLev (tv, 2001) Kol Boker (tv series, 2004), Ahava Ze Koev (tv series, 2004), Ima’lle (tv series, 2005), Makimi (tv series, 2013), Al tishkechi oti (Don’t Forget Me, 2017).
Country: Israel, France, Germany
Year: 2017
Running time: 87'
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: Italian
Genre: fiction
Screenplay: Nitai Gvirtz
Cinematography: Shark De Mayo; video ritratti di Alessio Maximilian Schroder
Editing: Ido Muchrik
Music: Steve Nieve
With: Moon Shavit, Nitai Gvirtz, Eilam Wolman, Rona Lipaz, Michael, Lev Keret, Tal Berkovich, Carmel Beto, Tom Yaar
Produced by: Yifat Films, Tabo Tabo Films, Film Five

Festival: Torino Film Festival 2017
Best Film
Best Actress Moon Shavit
Best Actor Nitai Gvirtz

Zerkalo - Tarkovskij Film Festival 2018
Best Film

Haifa Film Festival 2017
International Film Festival Rotterdam 2018
Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema 2018
Dallas International Film Festival 2018
Valletta Film Festival 2018
Oldenburg Film Festival 2018

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