Country For Old Men

by Stefano Cravero, Pietro Jona

Cotacachi, Ecuador. A small colony of elderly American expats retires here to escape the effects of the global economic crisis. The tale of their lives and relationships provides the portrait of an exiled micro-community, a community hurt and traumatized, by the betrayal of the American Dream. They're looking for security, prosperity, well-being and - above all - new meanings for their own existence.

Country: Italy
Year: 2017
Running time: 79'
Language: English, Spanish
Subtitles: Italian
Genre: documentary
Screenplay: Pietro Jona, Stefano Cravero
Cinematography: Pietro Jona
Editing: Stefano Cravero, Luca Mandrile
Music: Teho Teardo
Produced by: GraffitiDoc s.r.l. in collaborazione con Rai Cinema, con il sostegno di Direzione Generale Cinema, Piemonte Doc Film Fund e Programma MEDIA

Festival: 2015 HotDocs Toronto – Deal Maker
2015 Trieste Film Festival – When East Meets West
2018 Trieste Film Festival –Menzione Speciale "Corso Salani"
2018 Euganea Film Festival

v.o. inglese - spagnola / English – Spanish sottotitoli ialiani

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